We have found a very good forum for Google Ads PPC and Google Analytics, which has a lot of user discussions about Internet Marketing. We like this forum because there are many active users who post their queries and can help you with your queries related to ads, campaigns and market research etc. If you want to know something which is not mentioned above, please share it in the comment section below.

Forums such as XDA, Overclockers and Guru3D are great forums for Google Ads PPC and Google Analytics because of the nature of it, which is a consumer-oriented forum. In other words, there is not much money to be made here as compared to paid and sponsored ads which could generate more money.

The Google Ads PPC forum is an excellent place to learn about the basics of paid advertising and how to effectively run your campaigns.

Google Ads vs Google Analytics

 There's more than one way to effectively monitor your Google Ads campaigns. Google Analytics provides you with a comprehensive view of your ad spending and its performance across channels, devices, and even countries. The Google Ads tools allow you to track the performance of your campaign in a few key areas: Campaigns, Ad Extensions and so on. But what if you want an even deeper understanding of how ads are performing? You can create a custom audience and extract insights into what works best for your business.