This tutorial will show you how to link Google AdWords campaign, with your account and Google Analytics. 

To link the two reports, open Google Analytics on Google Ads. Click on the Account Settings icon and select the Linking Reports tool. Then you can select the Google Analytics segment that matches your campaign objective and click Next.

You'll be able to view the conversion statistics for your Google Ads campaigns alongside your Google Analytics goals. Links can be created automatically or you can decide how you want to link them.

With Campaign Manager and Google Analytics, you can explore the audience that made your campaigns a success.

After you set up Conversion Optimizer, it will help you improve your campaign. Data from your performance reports, ad groups, and keywords are available in AdWords Editor or the Google Ads API.

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to how much information you can glean from Google Analytics. With powerful features like Reporting and Screaming Frog for Website Analysis, you can do things like track your website visitors, understand how visitors use the site, and gather valuable data about what is most important to the success of your website visitors.